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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online support...?

It is the support offered in the content of each chapter in order to resolve any doubts.

Where can I leave my question...?

In the appropriate section of each chapter.
Section - Questions: Space to leave your questions and doubts.

Ask question...:

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To close and continue...:

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Can I use the oshsofacebook to a technical question ...?


You have to do it in the right section.

The main objective of the new content structure is designed so that all technical information relating to a specific content is centralized and organized for easy location and reading by the user in the right section.

For the same reason we thank refrain from jokes or treated outside the comments contained in each chapter. User who read it later probably will not be interested on that jokes

Can I ad more information about a question already formulated ...?

Of course
You can add or nest your questions or comments to another and adding your questions or information.

Reply with quote...:

Anidar pregunta a otra pregunta

Add question to another question...:

Ejemplo de como anidar pregunta a otra pregunta

Do you have anyother questions...?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will resolve them delighted.

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