Presentation photoshop course

000-ps: Photoshop course presentation
It is important to remember that this Photoshop course has been created to highlight the most important aspects will be used in the course of photo retouching. With special emphasis in browsing by commands, the use of keyboard shortcuts, the functions and tools that we will more use.

1.- Browsing by Photoshop commands

Interacting with other applications.

1.002-ps: Watching videos
In this chapter we will see how to optimize the viewing of videos, use the spacebar photoshop and how to interact with other applications.

First image by commands

1.003-ps: First image by commands.
Tips on operating system and presentation of the first commands to create our first picture. Image size and resolution of the document.

Using the selection tools

1.004-ps: Using the selection tools.
Description and functionality of the tools Marquee and Lasso with other features that will help us pick out between move a selection or move the contents of that selection.

Creating an screenshot

1.005-ps: Creating an screenshot.
Introducing some features with selections like working with the inside or outside of the selection as well as functions such as stroke and crop.

Cube creation from scratch

1.007-ps: Cube creation from scratch.
First example of the workflow. The exercise is done in silence, and then it is analyzed step by step the whole process of the workflow as well as new features are used.

Browse through photoshop II

1.009-ps: Browse through photoshop II
Description of the advantages of the workflow and knowing how to browse through photoshop knowing where we are without getting lost along with some new features.

2.- Photoshop functions.

System preferences

2.001-ps: System preferences.
Description of the use of System preferences, its applications and uses. It has been made with IOS but it is almost the same with Windows.

File: NEW

2.003-ps: File: NEW
Description of the use of the function creates a new file, applications and uses.


2.017-ps: Layer
Description of the use of feature layer, their applications and uses.


2.018-ps: Selection.
Description of the use of the selection function, their applications and uses.

3.- Photoshop tools

4.- Photoshop exercises

Resizing image size

4.004-ps: Resizing image size
In this chapter we will see the drawbacks of image resizing, some tips to optimize the process. but without miracles.

Image formats for web.

4.005-ps: Image formats for web.
Chapter in which we will see the different formats for web .jpg .gif .png and how each one generates very different weights file.

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The end of Basic photography course
Congratulations. You have completed the course.

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