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Presentation of Photography course

What I´m going to learn...

The main and possibly the most important goal is that this thought to understand.The course begins by highlighting the true protagonist of photography: The light.

"Even the best photographer in the world with the most expensive camera can ever take a picture of the dawn at noon."
- Manuel Díaz -

How light works ...? How the image is created within the camera ...? The answers to these questions helps us to discover the different parameters of the camera and his control allow us to be able to handle in fully manual mode and most importantly, understanding what we are doing.

Forgetting about technical

The course will teach you to control the parameters of the camera so that once practiced a bit you can forget about them to focus on what really matters: Create your own images..
At chapter 010-ph you will be able to make your first picture in full manual mode and from there to practice by following chapters up to chapter 029-ph where we will propose you to create your first portfolio.

How long do I need to complete the course ...?

Depending on your current knowledge, available time and your degree of demand over time may vary.
1 Month
2 Months
3 Months
Begins the trial period and you will can update with economic advantages and if you need more than three months simply renews the membership and it just will cost 9€ per month.


you have no excuse to learn photography in your own language, even if you're deaf. The photography course is translated and subtitled at ...:

Video presentation

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