2.- Correct

2.002-pr: Masks I
Chapter in which we learn and know the limitations of the selection tools and the reason for the need of masks.

2.003-pr: Masks II
Chapter in which we will learn the use of the channels in photoshop and discover how it touched in the analog world and as photoshop adapted it.

2.004-pr: Masks III
Chapter in which you will learn to create our first masks and practical tips of how to make them...

2.005-pr: Caution
Video in which are set some important considerations for the development of the courses.

2.006-pr: Masks IV
We will learn as relate the brushes, its hardness according to the resolution of the image. ENJOY THE PLEASURE OF WORKING IN HIGH RESOLUTION.

2.007-pr: Masks V
Given the importance of the masks will take to review the entire process of creating a mask and how to save it.

2.018-pr: Color balance.
Interesting chapter in which you will learn the relationship between the parameters of the image density, tone, saturation.