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Hello. I am Manuel Diaz and I am pleased greatly to return to view open the doors of OSHSO
Without narrating the boring difficulties, that have been infinite, Today opens a new project much more social and above all customized. In the difficult task of finding our site in today's global world I have opted to focus on the quality of the content and those people who really love this profession.
I feel fortunate to have a career that supports my work but above all I feel privileged by keeping alive an infinite illusion of improvement and learning. That illusion took me years to learn how to deal with within the computing world and to open the doors of OSHSO today as I had imagined it.
All this with a single target: Be able to comunicate. If you already know me you have heard me to say...:

"I don´t enjoy taking photos but trying to create images."
- Manuel Díaz -

In OSHSO light, shadow, camera or editing software they are simple tools that we must learn to use and manipulate for converting in pictures our emotions and feelings.
Therefore, never pretend to search in OSHSO a selection of the latest plugins on the market or solutions master which meet your work with a few mouse clicks. The accept and respect that each one has its own needs.
But as said before by searching our site. It is not our.

What I expect from oshso...?

Firstly Honesty.
The contents displayed on OSHSO are not the result of pure chance to sell you an tutorial para venderte un tutorial or magic remedies that cannot be applied to several different images.
In OSHSO We will base all of our resources to reach a workflow allow us to solve successfully any of our projects. Always based on photographic concepts that we have previously learned and understood.
I deeply regret assert that in OSHSO you will not learn absolutely nothing while on your part you have an active and hard-working attitude. Aware that all learning involves a small sacrifice.
As a tip, do not confuse to watch a video with having understood all the contents that has been displyed, because experience demonstrated the vast amount of content is going unnoticed.
If after all this you are still interesting in OSHSO, I will personally be happy to receive you and trying to help you in a customized way in everything what you consider appropriate.

"A job well done is not consequence of the technique, but illusion."
- Manuel Díaz -

A hug, Manuel Díaz.