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    Photography course
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    Photoshop course
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Nomenclature of the courses

Nomenclature of the courses

Structure of chapters

Each chapter consists of 6 sections.

Section 1.001.1 - Video: It contains the corresponding chapter video.
Section 1.001.2 - Advices: Space where will highlight aspects considered most important.
Section 1.001.3 - Exercises: Exercises will be proposed to be carried out.
Section 1.001.4 - Share: Where can you post your exercises.
Section 1.001.5 - Questions Space to leave your questions and doubts.
Section 1.001.6 - Answer: Space where the answers will be published.

  • Video chapter

    Video chapter

    First Display video content of specific chapter.
  • Advise


    Tips where Manuel Díaz highlight the more relevant contents.
  • Exercises


    Proposals of exercises to undertake the treated contents.
  • Share


    Living space to share the experiences of our fellow.
  • Question


    In this space you can expose your questions and comments. Remember that must be related with the content of the chapter.
  • Answers


    In this space the answers will be addressed using any means necessary.

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